Web Services

Since 1997, Cyber Network has combined its mastery of new multimedia information technologies with the business knowledge of its Clients. We provide global, innovative solutions to suit everyone’s needs. Respect for technical and economic constraints remains a priority.

Professional platforms

  • A platform for sites requiring large hosting capacity and optimum availability
  • Multiprocessor servers with mirror disks

Data security and reliability

  • Segmentation of internal networks
  • Hosting secured by Firewalls
  • Hosting of secure intranet and extranet sites

Personalised management

If you so desire, you can access the management of your site and its users.


  • Databases: mySQL
  • SSL certificates, etc.
  • Hosting formulas

All of our formulas include:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Free telephone support
  • No supplements linked to throughput
  • Support for forms, PHP and CGI scripts
  • POP3 email accounts