Internet services

Thanks to its high-speed access, direct connection to the major traffic nodes and redundant connections to ensure the highest availability, Cyber Network has the means to help its Clients to use the internet correctly to achieve their objectives, reduce costs and develop new business opportunities..
Our internet business falls into five main categories:

Internet access – A global connection service :

Every company is now aware of the advantages of a fast, simultaneous connection to the internet, in other words: all workstations connected to the local network, via a router that acts as a bridge, opening up internet access to the entire company. This raises a number of questions: security, speed, reliability, control….

To provide a full response, it is important to choose the right partner. We have been a network integrator with ISP status (Internet Service Provider) for many years – your guarantee of a solid, high performance infrastructure.

DNS domain names :

Cyber Network offers a personalised service, ranging from reservation and activation to annual maintenance of all your DNS domain names.

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Internet email :

Entrust us with handling your internet mail; our WEB servers can easily host your email databases and provide high-speed access and very high security levels.

WEB mail protection :

Cyber Network currently offers a new service to protect you against any threat originating from the internet. Our WEB AntiSpam and AntiVirus system is available for all email servers by taking out an annual subscription to the service.

Secure email traffic:

Cyber Network offers an ‘MX Secondary’ email backup service to take charge of your SMTP traffic if your network and/or the MX Primary is down. We keep your emails rerouted for a period of two weeks and return them once the SMTP service is back in operation. This email backup service is available by taking out an annual subscription to the service. Contact us for a personalised subscription offer.