IT Services

Security :

Enterprises currently have to deal with a growing need for external IT connections. Email, internet, bank contacts and remote working are just a few of the many services available, sometimes exclusively, via public networks.

This requires a serious analysis of the company’s needs and its organisation. The protection model must take into account the client’s specific requirements, respecting the core business while preserving the installations from external threats. We are then faced with the eternal balancing act between functionality and security.

At Cyber Network, we have staff with the skills and experience to offer personalised solutions adapted to these needs. Continuous training of our engineers ensures that they have the level of knowledge required to deal with the problems created by the latest hacking techniques. Their day-to-day experience in the field unquestionably reinforces the performance of our teams.
  Partnerships with market leaders ensure that we always have the best solutions available, using the latest versions, as well as direct access to official support centres for the exclusive use of their partners.

We are tirelessly on the lookout for new solutions and allocate the necessary resources to researching the sector.

Our solutions :

In addition to analysing the security configuration required to meet the needs and constraints of our clients, we provide effective solutions for:

  • Access control (Routers, Firewall, Proxy, URL filtering, etc)
  • Content control (Anti-Virus, Syntax analysis, etc.)
  • Strong authentication (Digital key, Radius services, etc.)